Fundraising Builds Character and Achieves Goals



Fundraising is about more than just raising money for a favorite cause, event, or charity. It’s also about bringing people together as a team to work for a mutually rewarding goal. And in the process of achieving the goals set forth, fundraising also builds character in the people who participate. It’s a collective win on many levels.

Fundraising has proven a successful way to motivate middle school kids who learn the value of working together and accomplishing their mutual goals. For instance, if the fundraising event is to earn needed resources to send their chess champions to a regional tournament, everyone in the organizations gets behind the cause.

Get the Word Out

Communication is a game changer in fundraising. Using every channel available including email, social media, morning announcements, and so on makes a huge difference. Social media is a natural for middle school kids, just remember to keep the goal at the forefront of your messages to rally the school around hitting the goal. Even the local media will get behind your fundraising efforts if you let them know.

Boost Sales with a Challenge

Challenging the school classes is a great way to boost fundraising sales. If you communicate the Challenge Message on Thursday and Friday at school,  that gives everyone the weekend to get busy and reach goals faster. Whether in person, via social media, or email, everyone gets stimulated by competition.

Teachers, Parents, Family Members, Business Associates

When you have top quality products to sell it’s easy to get teachers, parents, and other adults interested in participating. The success of your fundraising can exceed expectations especially when you have something of interest for everyone. And you will have return customers for your next fundraising campaign.

Invite Role Models to Join the Fun

If you really want to energize your fundraising efforts, reach out to your local high school sports teams to see if the athletes can make an appearance or be involved in a meet-up. All star athletes, chess champions, debate champions, and other notable school leaders will add charisma (and sales) to your fundraising.

The Maredy Fundraising Advantage

A significant advantage working with Maredy Fundraising is the exciting options available for what you choose to sell. We offer an assortment of catalogs from which to choose, from sweet treats to t-shirts, gifts for the home to lollipops, and popcorn to dreamy chocolate cookies and delectable candy.

Since 1988, Maredy has helped over 100,000 schools reach incredible goals and build character and spirit within their students and classrooms. And the profit margins are rewarding.

Fundraising with Maredy is not at all like work. In fact, kids of all ages are motivated by the ease of selling the quality products from our catalogs. They seem to sell themselves. Middle school fundraising has never been easier with the many benefits and bigger profits that come with Maredy Fundraising. Contact us today to get started!

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