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"Dear Maredy Fundraising Company,

You are to be commended! I have been fundraising for eight years and Maredy is by far the easiest company I have ever worked with.

The sample gummy worms for the entire school gave us the kickoff we needed. Every class had an individual kickoff, WOW what a difference that made. The prize incentive enticed every student. Candy, prizes, and MONEY, every kid's dream come true.

The profit margin was a dream come true for every parent, teacher, and administrator. The organization and support is every chairperson's dream come true. The individual boxes and bags labeled clearly were so wonderful.

I truly hope my words can express our deepest gratitude to Maredy for making
this the easiest fundraiser I have ever had the pleasure of chairing.

Our Parent Club looks forward to future fundraisers with Maredy."

Mandy Schneider
Parent Club Treasurer
R O Hardin Elementary School

"You always make this fundraiser so easy.
Thanks. Thanks. Thanks."

Mary Davis
Dondero Elementary School

"We very much like your service. Your package is easy to use and causes us less stress and work. The parents like that they can earn cash. We like the fundraiser income. Your staff is courteous and helpful. We received our order promptly. Any errors were quickly and cheerfully corrected! It's a pleasure working with your company. All companies should operate as you do. Thank you."

Susan McBay
BC Daycare and Learning Center

"Thank you! Thank you for the prompt delivery of our orders, the quality of your products, and the professionalism of your staff. This was our very first fundraiser and you helped make it a success."

Shelania Blunt
Rainbow Academy

"Wonderful fundraiser! We would highly recommend to all!"

Sarah Radjenovich
Just for Kids