It's Easy

Students make a list of friends, neighbors and relatives. Then all they have to do is show them the catalog and take their orders. Most people will order something if they are shown the catalog and told why you are fundraising. The more people on the student's list, the more they will sell and the more successful your fundraiser will be!

Enlisting the help of parents and relatives with your fundraiser dramatically increases your sales. Parents and relatives are happy to help; they just have to be asked! When the catalog is taken to the work place, colleagues will order for themselves or as gifts for others. Most of our fundraising products make great gifts!

As an extra incentive, most of our fundraising programs allow the seller to earn FREE products. For every 10 items sold in the order taking catalogs, the seller can choose any item from the catalog, regardless of price, for FREE. This FREE SHOPPING really helps get families on board with your fundraiser.

When your sale is finished, then we take over. Send us your order forms. We do the data entry for each seller and individually package each seller's order and send you all the needed computerized reports. Since the money is collected in advance, all you have to do is give the students their products and ask them to deliver to their customers.