Maredy...Something to Smile About

There's a lot of reasons why Maredy has worked with over 130,000 different school groups since 1988. Just consider the following: Maredy Fundraising is set up so that you can make the most money possible with no risk. What this means is that your group clears at least 30% on all gift fundraisers.


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There is a complete money back customer satisfaction GUARANTEE on all products. All schools are shipped products on CREDIT with no payment due until the sale is over and products have been delivered.

All of the staff at Maredy are dedicated to provide you with the best possible experience. The most important thing for our customer service staff is that they are friendly and will go the distance in taking care of you! The customer service staff realizes that they serve you, the customer, and will treat you with the respect you deserve. The office staff pay attention to the details so that your order goes to the warehouse correctly and timely. The warehouse staff is meticulous in shipping you what you ordered so that your order is correct and arrives in perfect condition.