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Looking for effective ideas for your fundraiser? Order our free fundraiser catalog to find all the information you need to make your next fundraiser a smashing success. Our fundraiser catalog contains loads of great fundraiser tips and product information. Maredy products and services are an ideal way to boost the effectiveness of a wide range of events for your fundraiser, including:

  • Gift Wrap Fundraiser
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser
  • Candy Bar Fundraiser
  • School Fundraiser
  • Travel Mug Fundraiser
  • Lollipop Fundraiser
  • Elementary School Fundraiser
  • Church Fundraiser
  • Middle School Fundraiser
  • Cheerleader Fundraiser
  • Student Council Fundraiser

If you're interested in learning more about a fundraiser, our fundraiser catalogs are a great place to start. Maredy products and services have played an integral role in improving the effectiveness of our client's efforts in their fundraiser. It can work for you too. Check out our catalogs to learn more about how our fundraiser ideas and products can help you enhance the profitability of your organization's fundraisers.

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Cookie Dough
Candy Chocolate
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Best Age Range All All  High School, Middle School

* ALL BROCHURE PROGRAMS include free shipping, free pre-sorting, free bookkeeping, and free sales materials. Each brochure program also includes free prizes/merchandise. See each program for details.